IFLA Global Vision Regional Workshop Asia and Oceania

Embracing digital innovation: an inspired Asia and Oceania share their Global Vision

IFLA Global Vision Regional Workshop Asia and Oceania

It was full steam ahead for the IFLA Global Vision Regional Workshop tour as key players from the Asia and Oceania library field came together on 23 – 25 May to contribute their ideas for actions in our second phase of this unique worldwide discussion

The Workshop was held in Hanoi, Viet Nam,    National Library of Viet Nam from 23-25 May 2018.

There were 37 participants from 31 countries.  They were welcome that stimulated a constant flow of ideas. With these, IFLA continues to turn the top ten highlights and opportunities from the IFLA Global Vision Report Summary into clear actions that will power literate, informed and participative societies. With 858 collective years of library experience, the participants were well placed to ensure that the most relevant Global Vision Opportunities for Asia and Oceania were explored in depth.

President Mrs.Gita Giri Thapa from Nepal Library Association got opportunity to attend the Workshop and share the knowledge.