Nepal Library Association (NLA) is a non profit nongovernmental organization established in 1980 A.D. with the mission to develop, promote and improve library and information services in Nepal.  NLA was registered on 23rd October, 1980 according to clause 4 of the Sangha Sansthan Registration Act 1977 of Nepal, from the Chief District Officer's (CDO's) office in Kathmandu. Now the Association has been registered as a Professional Association according to National Directorate Act, 2014 BS.

NLA has as its motto: "Information is power and Learning is a never-ending process"

The prime objective of this Professional Association is to safeguard, upgrade and maintain the quality of libraries and library professionals in Nepal.

NLA is comprised of well trained professional individuals in Library Science. It has been persistently involved in the development of efficient library systems in the country ensuring ease of access, affordability, acceptability, quality, equity and equality of library services. Due to significant input from NLA, many positive outcomes have been seen in the Constitution over the years:


  • The constitution of Nepal 2015, Part 3 under the article on Fundamental Rights & Duties no.27 clearly mentions: “Every citizen shall have the right to seek or right to information from the state on any matters of concern to her/him or the public”

To ensure right to information, the constitution, under part 4: Responsibilities of State, article Policies regarding the basic needs of citizens, no.5. Viii.(4 ) clearly mentions: “Establishing and promoting community information centers and libraries for the personality development of citizens".