International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA) Building Strong Library Associations Project

Nepal Library Association received this IFLA BSLA project on May 2017. The following are the objectives of the project:

 1. to coordinate and collaborate with libraries (Library Associations) of Nepal

2. to strengthen the library association members and develop their knowledge and skills

3. to  provide equitable access to information services in line with BSLA principles. 

To meet these objectives, the proposed activities were: 1. BSLA seminar of different library associations, namely, Strengthening Library Associations in Nepal, two-days BSLA Workshop was held in Dining Park, Kathmandu(16-17 September 2017)   2. BSLA Training of trainers for Library Members (TOT);   three days BSLA ToT training  workshop  was held in SAP Phalcha, Kathmandu  (9-11 December 2017) 3.Translate of BSLA training package in Nepali and 4.Preparation of webpage for dissemination of information. 

 To inaugurate the completed 3 and 4 objective Nepal Library Association organized a programme in Kathmandu Valley Public Library in 3rd March 2018.  The website was launched by Mr Yadab Chandra Niraula Under Secretary of Library and Coordination Section of Ministry of Education. The IFLA BSLA ToT training Package translated in Nepali was also inaugurated by Former founder President of NLA Mr. Murari Binod Pokharel. The Translation work was completed  by Mr Juju Bhae Dangol.

Bimochan of IFLA BSLA ToT modules translation  in Nepali By Murari Binod Pokharel

Website Launched By Yadab Chandra Niraula