Historical Activities

1 Talk programme on the Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah 11  Jan 1981
2 NLA National Conference and First Annual Conference 20   Nov 1981
3 Seminar on Inter-Library Cooperation   3-4  May 1982
4 Survey on "Status of Science and Technology libraries, documentation and information center in Nepal 1989
5 NLA Received Membership of IFLA 1990
6 Seminar on status of  Library and Librarians in Nepal 1991
7 National Library and Information Policy Seminar for Nepal   
8 Three weeks In-service Training on behalf of NLA sponsored by UNESCO/DANIDA  1995
9 National survey of libraries information and documentation center and library and information personnel 1997
10 National seminar on role of information in national Development. (Kathmandu)  August 24-26, 1997
11 National policy for Library and Information System, a proposed model for Nepal (Pokhara)  May 2-4, 2003
12 Seminar on Standards for Library and Information Services Aug 24-26, 2003
13 International Seminar on MCT: Networking and future Aims (Kathmandu)   Jan 1-16, 2004
14 International Workshop on Empowering Library Associations in Asia for effective management (Kathmandu) Oct 5-8, 2004 
15 Establishment of Regional Federation of South Asian Library Associations (ReFSALA), Kathmandu Sept 20-22, 2005