General Introduction:

Nepal Library Association (NLA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization. It was established with the mission to develop, promote and improve library & information services and library professionalism in Nepal. The NLA is a professional association established in accordance with the National Directorate Act, 2014 BS. It was registered at the District Administration Office in Kathmandu on 23rd October, 1980 (9th of Asoj 2037 B.S.) in accordance with the clause 4 of Sangha Sansthan Registration Act 1977 of Nepal.

NLA has as its motto: "Information is power and Learning is a never-ending process."

The prime objective of this Professional Association is to safeguard, upgrade and maintain the quality of libraries, library services and library professionalism in Nepal. NLA is comprised of qualified librarians and trained individuals in Library and Information Science. With its qualified members, it has been persistently involved in the development of efficient library systems in the country ensuring ease of access, affordability, acceptability, quality, equity and equality of library services. Due to significant input from NLA, many positive outcomes have been seen in the Constitution over the years as follows:

The constitution of Nepal 2015, Part 3: Fundamental Rights & Duties # 27 clearly mentions Right to Information: “Every citizen shall have the right to demand and receive information on any matter of his or her interest or of public interest.” To ensure right to information, the constitution, under Part - 4: Directive Principles, Policies and Obligations of the State # 51, Policies of the State, H - 4: Policies relating to Basic Needs of Citizens, clearly mentions: “To establish and promote community information centres and libraries for personality development of citizens."

Executive committee:


The current executive committee under the presidency of Mr. I.P.Adhikari is the 12th executive committee in succession since the NLA was formed in September 1980. The names of the Presidents and the year of start of their tenure have been listed below.

1. Mr. Murari Binod Pokhrel, 1980

2. Mr. Purna Prasad Amatya, 1983

3. Mr. Ishwor Raj Pandey, 1986

4. Mr. Saket Bihari Thakur, 1990

5. Mr. Saket Bihari Thakur, 1992

6. Mr. Rudra Prasad Dulal, 1997

7. Mr. Bhola Kumar Shrestha, 2002

8. Mr. Bhola Kumar Shrestha, 2007

9. Mr. Prakash Kumar Thapa, 2010

10.Mr. Ashok Thapa, 2014 (Formed during Chitwan G. Assembly)

11. Ms. Gita Thapa, 2015

12. Mr. Indra Prasad Adhikari, 2019

Programmes organized :


The NLA has conducted a series of events for the librarians in solidarity with the Govt. of Nepal and other like-minded National and International organizations such as IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). Some of the notable activities are:


- Inter-library cooperation workshops

- Historical heritage collection, preservation & conservation seminar

- National workshops related to library policies.

- International workshop on Multi-purpose community Tele-centres,

- REFSALA conference (Founder Organizer)

- BSLA workshops of IFLA (Attended abroad and organized at home)

- A Workshop under the theme 'Together we make future'

- Library surveys.

Publications :


The NLA has published Newsletters, Magazines, Directories, Library day souvenirs etc. It has recently published an International Journal entitled 'Access' in 2022 July. Last year in Sept. 2021, the NLA had published 'Directory of Nepal Library Association Members-2021'

Prize distribution and Book donations:


The NLA has conferred 'Saraswati award' to many National and International personalities who have significantly contributed in the field of Libraries, Librarianship and for Literacy upliftment. Similarly, from time to time, the NLA has donated books to various Schools, Jail libraries and Community libraries.

Trainning programmes and Curriculum preparation :


- Prepared curriculums for library trainings in cooperation with CTEVT

- Prepared curriculums for library trainings in cooperation with READ-Nepal

- Conducted training programs level-III

- Conducted 'Training of Trainers' programme from the trainers of IFLA.

Webinars / Talk programmes :


- Conducted a webinar on 'Effect of COVID-19 on libraries and aftermath' (Apr. 2020)

- Conducted a webinar of SAARC Librarians on the occasion of 14th library day (Sept. 2021)

- Conducted a webinar on 'IFLA Library Map of the World' (July 2021)

- Participated in many national and international webinars by the NLA President (2020-22)

- Conducted many talk programmes by inviting prominent librarians.