The dissemination and marketing of information through publications is one of the major objectives of the association. In this regard, NLA has been publishing several reports/ newsletters, etc. Some of the most notable are listed as follows:

1.  Pustakalya Awaj – Annual publication since 1981 (Now ceased to publish)

2.  Library courier – quarterly publication (Now ceased to publish)

3.  Souvenirs (from time to time)

4.  Survey Report: Status of libraries, documentation and information center, 1986

5.  Directory of libraries documentation and information center in Nepal-1997.

6. An article of Nepal Library Association was published in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science Second Edition, 2003 (page: 2137-2143). Bhola Kumar Shrestha, Juju Bhai Dangol, Murari Binod Pokhrel and Rudra Prasad Dulal contributed on the article.

7. NLA Brochure

8. Report of IFLA Global Vision Workshop, Kathmandu Nepal, 15th August 2017 "How a

     United Library field can tackle challenges of the future"

9. Report of Building Strong Library Association (BSLA) workshop organized by Nepal Library

    Association supported by IFLA, 16th and 17th September 2017 Kathmandu, Nepal.

    In addition, NLA sends articles of its regular activities to various publications and newsletters in the country like.