1.The translated of BSLA (Bulding Strong Library Association) Training Package in Nepali is going to be completed in Nepali language. NLA will continue this training in community Libraries

This is also under IFLA BSLA Project. 

2.Web page is under construction under IFLA BSLA Project it is also going to be completed.

3.Interaction Programme will be held to collect the input from librarian regarding the translation work and webpage to be finalized.


  • Continuing NLA courier
  • NLA member directory
  • NLA Broucher
  • Other Publications


  • Continue the ToT Training.
  • Continue Basic Librarianship Trainings.


  • Advocacy for library development and its policy for professional development
  • Workshop/Seminar/Interaction programs
  • Orientation/Training
  • Sharing and  dissemination programs


  • Study on library situation and data collection
  • Continuing updating profiles of libraries & Librarians
  • Compiling news on development activities of library and information services sectors.


How can one support the NLA?

  • By sharing your valuable ideas and experiences with us so as to help us fulfill and realize NLA’s goals efficiently and promptly.
  • By letting interested individuals and institutions with similar ideas know about us and by facilitating to promote networking.
  • By advocating for the formation/extension of functional library system/s in the country of Nepal
  • By supporting in: sponsoring, and organizing programs, creating platform for interaction, discussion, book donation and leading for fund raising, etc.
  • By being a good friend of library and keeping solidarity whenever needed.