Nepal Library Association (NLA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization. It was established with the mission to develop, promote and improve library & information services and library professionalism in Nepal. The NLA is a professional association established in accordance with the National Directorate Act, 2014 BS. It was registered at the District Administration Office in Kathmandu on 23rd October, 1980 (9th of Asoj 2037 B.S.) in accordance with the clause 4 of Sangha Sansthan Registration Act 1977 of Nepal.

NLA has as its motto: “Information is power and Learning is a never-ending process.”

The prime objective of this Professional Association is to safeguard, upgrade and maintain the quality of libraries, library services and library professionalism in Nepal. NLA is comprised of qualified librarians and trained individuals in Library and Information Science. With its qualified members, it has been persistently involved in the development of efficient library systems in the country ensuring ease of access, affordability, acceptability, quality, equity and equality of library services. Due to significant input from NLA, many positive outcomes have been seen in the Constitution over the years as follows:

The constitution of Nepal 2015, Part 3: Fundamental Rights & Duties # 27 clearly mentions Right to Information: “Every citizen shall have the right to demand and receive information on any matter of his or her interest or of public interest.” To ensure right to information, the constitution, under Part – 4: Directive Principles, Policies and Obligations of the State # 51, Policies of the State, H – 4: Policies relating to Basic Needs of Citizens, clearly mentions: “To establish and promote community information centres and libraries for personality development of citizens.”


The mission of the Nepal Library Association is to promote and support the development of libraries and the library profession in Nepal. This includes advocating for the importance of libraries in society, providing professional development opportunities for librarians, and enhancing access to information for all citizens.


The vision of the Nepal Library Association is to see libraries recognized as vital resources for education, information, and culture, contributing to the overall development of society. NLA envisions a future where every community in Nepal has access to well-equipped and professionally managed libraries that meet the diverse needs of their users.


Advocacy and Awareness: Raise awareness about the importance of libraries and advocate for policies and funding that support library development.

Professional Development: Provide training and professional development opportunities for librarians to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Networking and Collaboration: Foster collaboration and networking among librarians, libraries, and related organizations at national and international levels.

Standards and Best Practices: Promote the adoption of standards and best practices in library management and services.

Access to Information: Work towards ensuring that all citizens have equitable access to information and library services.

Research and Innovation: Encourage research and innovation in library and information science to improve library services and practices.

Community Engagement: Engage with communities to understand their information needs and develop library services that meet those needs.