The Nepal Library Association (NLA) has organized several impactful campaigns to promote literacy, education, and library development across Nepal. Some notable campaigns include:

  1. National Library Week: Held annually, this campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of libraries in communities and schools. It includes events such as book fairs, storytelling sessions, and workshops on library management. Nepal celebrates National Library day on 15th of Bhadra (31st August) in the memory of historical day every year since 2008.
  2. Library Advocacy Campaigns: NLA advocates for policies that support library development and literacy programs at national and local government levels. They engage in lobbying efforts to secure funding and resources for libraries.
  3. Digital Literacy Campaigns: Recognizing the importance of digital skills, NLA conducts campaigns to promote digital literacy among library users and staff. This includes training sessions on using digital resources and technology.
  4. Reading Promotion Campaigns: NLA encourages reading habits among all age groups through campaigns like Readathon events, book drives, and reading clubs. These activities aim to foster a love for reading and improve literacy rates.
  5. Community Outreach Programs: NLA organizes outreach programs to underserved communities, bringing mobile libraries and literacy workshops to remote areas. This helps bridge the gap in access to educational resources.
  6. International Collaboration Initiatives: Collaborating with international library associations, NLA participates in campaigns that promote global library standards, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange.

Through these campaigns, the Nepal Library Association continues to play a vital role in advancing literacy, supporting libraries, and fostering a culture of learning and knowledge sharing throughout Nepal.