Library Day Celebration

The Nepal Library Association (NLA) celebrates Library Day on 31 of August (15 Bhadra) as an important event to highlight the significance of libraries in education, culture, and community development. Here’s an overview of how Library Day is celebrated by the Nepal Library Association:

  1. Awareness Campaigns: NLA organizes awareness campaigns leading up to Library Day to emphasize the role of libraries in promoting literacy and lifelong learning. These campaigns often include posters, social media campaigns, and outreach activities to engage the public.
  2. Public Events and Workshops: On Library Day itself, NLA hosts various events such as book exhibitions, storytelling sessions, and workshops on library management and digital literacy. These activities are designed to attract both library professionals and the general public.
  3. Recognition of Contributions: Library Day serves as an occasion to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations to the field of library science in Nepal. NLA may honor outstanding librarians, researchers, and advocates who have made significant contributions to the advancement of libraries.
  4. Policy Advocacy: NLA uses Library Day as an opportunity to advocate for policies that support libraries at the national and local levels. This includes lobbying for increased funding, better infrastructure, and policies that enhance access to information.
  5. Collaboration and Networking: Library Day encourages collaboration among libraries, educational institutions, government agencies, and NGOs. It provides a platform for networking and sharing best practices in library management and service delivery.
  6. Cultural Activities: In addition to educational and professional activities, Library Day celebrations often include cultural performances, book readings, and discussions on literature and heritage. These activities promote a deeper appreciation for the cultural role of libraries.

Through these initiatives, the Nepal Library Association’s celebration of Library Day not only celebrates the importance of libraries but also serves as a catalyst for advancing library services, promoting literacy, and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and lifelong learning throughout Nepal.