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ACCESS: An International Journal of Nepal Library Association is the official journal of the Nepal Library Association, Kathmandu, Nepal. It seeks to publish articles to disseminate information pertaining to Libraries, Library and Information Science and Library professionalism.

Access publishing annually and indexed in NEPJOL.






MAGAZINE: Nepal Library Association Magazine, an annual publication celebrating our nation’s rich literary heritage and the vital role of libraries in our communities. This magazine will serve as a platform to highlight the diverse initiatives, scholarly pursuits, and cultural contributions of libraries across Nepal.

Each issue will feature insightful articles, interviews with prominent figures in the library and literary sectors, book reviews, and updates on association activities. Our aim is to foster a deeper appreciation for libraries as hubs of learning, knowledge preservation, and community engagement.

Through the pages of this magazine, we hope to inspire collaboration, innovation, and advocacy for the continued growth and development of libraries nationwide. We invite all members of the Nepal Library Association and the broader community to contribute their expertise and insights to this collective endeavor. Together, let us illuminate the pathways to knowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of libraries in shaping the intellectual landscape of Nepal. Readmore

NEWSLETTER: We are pleased to introduce the Nepal Library Association Quarterly Newsletter, a new initiative aimed at keeping our community informed and engaged with the latest developments in the field of librarianship and beyond. This newsletter will serve as a valuable resource for updates on association activities, professional insights, and industry news.

Each quarterly edition will feature:

  • President’s Message: Updates on association initiatives and strategic directions. Reflections on recent accomplishments and upcoming goals.
  • Member Spotlights: Profiles of outstanding members and their contributions to the library community. Interviews highlighting their career achievements and experiences.
  • Upcoming Events: Announcements of workshops, conferences, webinars, and other professional development opportunities. Details on how members can participate or register for events.
  • Feature Articles: In-depth articles on current trends, challenges, and innovations in librarianship.
  • Research summaries or case studies relevant to library management and services.
  • Book Reviews: Reviews of newly published books relevant to library science, education, and related fields. Recommendations from members on must-read books for library professionals.
  • Community News: Updates on projects, collaborations, and partnerships involving the Nepal Library Association. News about library openings, renovations, or special events in Nepal.
  • Professional Development Tips: Tips and strategies for career growth and skills enhancement in the library profession. Resources for continuing education and certification opportunities.
  • Member Contributions: Short articles, opinion pieces, or letters to the editor from members. Insights on local library issues, advocacy efforts, or community outreach activities.
  • Technology Updates: News about new technologies, software, or digital tools relevant to libraries.
  • Tips on integrating technology into library services and operations.
  • Call for Submissions: Invitations for members to contribute articles, reviews, or announcements for future newsletters. Guidelines for submission and deadlines for upcoming editions.
  • Social Media Highlights: Highlights from the association’s social media channels, including member achievements, event photos, and community engagement activities.
  • Ways for members to connect and engage with the association online.
  • Contact Information and Resources: Association contact details, website links, and social media handles for further engagement. Useful resources, including links to library-related publications, research databases, and professional organizations. Roadmore..

We encourage all members to actively participate by contributing articles, sharing success stories, and engaging with the community through this platform. Together, let’s strengthen our network and advance the mission of promoting literacy, learning, and access to information across Nepal.